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2011-08-30 16:42:28 by Miggle1995

im coming back soon.

going away

2011-08-05 16:57:32 by Miggle1995

im out for a coulpe of weeks gonna go and do stuff.

im back

2011-07-30 09:56:50 by Miggle1995


a leave of absence

2011-07-25 14:46:13 by Miggle1995

hey guys i won't be on for a while because of some technical difficulties.
if you would like to send me a message, please send it to my buissness email account,

sincerly, Miggle1995

thankz 1600!

2011-07-23 16:02:58 by Miggle1995

i got my face picurized by this cool dude. look at his page.

my hairs getting annoying

2011-07-22 13:53:01 by Miggle1995

ugh,i've been dreading this day......should i cut my hair or not?
i want to have long hair,but damn! its annoying!
it curls up and i dont have a strightner.
so if anyone wants to send me a strightner, pm me.

drawing abstract art now.

2011-07-20 17:41:38 by Miggle1995

ok sooo im tring somthing new and im bringing it here tomorrow, because im not quite yet finished with it.

i <3 my girlfriend!!!

2011-07-19 23:09:52 by Miggle1995

idk what I'm doing, I'm just boring and want to talk about my sexy girlfriend

So, i have a girlfriend. Shut the fuck up troll who are on ng, and for those that are friend to me or nice people, go ahead and talk.
Nelly and i met in a gaia chatroom, (i know....stfu) and we've been together for two years. buuuuuut, there's a problem, she live in canada and i live over here in clermont. -_-. yep, but we've been chat on skype and shes just wonderful,and love her to death. if she see this she'll be like 0////0 for awhile soooo thats all for tonight. :)

fucking mp4a's

2011-07-19 20:44:00 by Miggle1995

im trying to get a mp4a to a fellow ng fan, and it wont work and someone tell me what teh fook! is going on?

extra post!!!!!

2011-07-18 23:09:10 by Miggle1995

i love house music. if anybody wants me to sing for anything that include house,trance, or anything techno, im your guy!!!