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my day soo far.

2011-07-18 21:45:12 by Miggle1995

so i went to friends, played some reach, wore leg weights,watched egorator on ng for awhile,went to another friends house went to the park, talked about masturbating (because we're funny like that) went back to his house,tried to play black ops zombies, saw my brother get a bb gun,went back to my home, and wrote a blog. yep that was my day so far, what was yours? nothing boring tho....HAHAHAH I keed.

im not a morning guy

2011-07-18 10:56:40 by Miggle1995

i really don't like waking up early, but since im going to high school soon, i have to....... this poses a problem, because i've become nocturnal over the summer break. so now i got to go to sleep earlier. this isw gonna suck for anyone around me when i wake up.


2011-07-17 17:21:00 by Miggle1995

wellll im get myself out there and im getting anwsers and might get into videos. i gotta get thing started tho.

ok thats all for today bybye!!!!!!!

holy mac!!

2011-07-16 20:15:39 by Miggle1995

this morning i was getting ready to use my ibook, i have one because i have no money opr intention to get a new mac, for now anyway. SO ANYWAYS! ,i try turning it on and it didnt turn on.

my ibook wasn't turning on, after charging it the other day. it . didn't turn. ON!!!!111!!
but, i fixed it and finally just now. i won't get in to the details, because i don't want bore you anymore than i already am. so thats all for today. peace-Miggle

ello [read first]

2011-07-15 23:16:28 by Miggle1995

hello and welcome to my page. im a guys that really want to do voice acting. I'm funny,so i told by friends. if you want to collab, just shoot me a private message. thats all for today, Miguel Diaz signing off.